Team Members

Richard Hoare

Technology Manager

Richard is currently the Technology Manager at Sempre, where his role slides between all departments.

Richard started his career after graduating as an electronics engineer at Auckland University of Technology. He was inspired by leadership roles and became a manager of engineers at the age of 25. With the release of the IBM PC in the late 80’s, Richard’s interest quickly diverted towards computers. Sure, replacing service mount components on IBM XT circuit boards was interesting but he could see the future of the industry lay more with the software itself.


    Mark Holmes

    Managed Services Manager

    Mark is the Managed Services Manager at Sempre, looking after and working in the team which our customers rely on to operation their business critical infrastructure.

    Following graduation from Auckland University of Technology, Mark started his career as a Mechanical Engineer. After two years in the industry he decided to change tack and started down the IT path. The first step on this journey was as the co-founder of a philanthropic web-based affinity portal in the late 90’s which ran for several years. However, it was a little before it’s time as the internet shopping market never got to the critical volume required for the site to prosper.


        Brian Norris

        Professional Services Manager

        Brian is the Professional Services Manager at Sempre and continues to hone his technical skills by remaining very much hands on at both architecting and implementing technical solutions.

        Brian started his IT career working for a local New Zealand based company, building, deploying and supporting white box servers as an onsite resident at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). He attributes a lot of his early success to a sound understanding of Server hardware and the skills developed through years of troubleshooting.


          Hayden Heta

          Technical Consultant

          Hayden works for Sempre as a Technical Consultant.

          As a Maori boy from Kaitaia with a small addiction to Nestle Milky Bar, Hayden’s first job came as a Computer Operator working for Nestle NZ’s head office in Parnell, Auckland. Hayden’s dream job, with unlimited access to Milky Bar and scorched almonds, was a reality. Hayden told his partner at the time, now his wife, that he would never leave this job, ever! However, multiple 3 am call outs to fix the AS400 meant that this was always going to finish eventually.


            Vanessa Xu

            Vanessa is a Managed Services Engineer whose role also involves Support and Professional Services work.

            Vanessa graduating as a Telecommunications Engineer from Massey University and by chance found herself specializing in data protection and storage from the beginning of her career. Over the last four years she has devoted time and interest to growing her skills in this area of IT.


                Paul Grealish

                Account Manager

                Paul is based in Wellington where he is the Sempre Account Manager for our Southern region clients.

                Aside from a few years in London, Paul has spent his IT career based in Wellington where he started his sales vocation selling IBM XTs with 8086 processors, adding in a maths co-processor for the real power users. Since those heady days, Paul has worked across a variety of technology domains such as desktop and server (Microsoft, Solaris, Linux and even installed one of the first Novell networks in New Zealand), enterprise application development, the Cloud, security, eBusiness and most recently, in data management, data protection and Disaster Recovery. Whatever he is selling, Paul is a strong believer that technology must be a business enabler and must benefit his client.


                    Geraint Horton

                    Geraint is a Technical Consultant at Sempre working across both the Support and Professional Services teams.

                    Geraint was born and raised in the Bay of Plenty before making the big move up to Auckland in 1999. He started work as a Computer Operator for a Market Research company and quickly graduated to an IT Support role. Geraint’s skills and experience continued to develop as he moved into System Administration, then started working with backup products and later picked up storage responsibilities.


                      Antony Bridle

                      Antony holds the role of Sales Director at Sempre, no easy feat in a company jam packed with technical people.

                      With over 20 years of industry experience in technical, management and sales roles in New Zealand and internationally, Antony has a unique ability to engage with customers at any level. Antony is driven to partner with his customers, to first understand their business requirements and challenges and then to work with them to implement solutions which fully address their needs and add maximum value.


                          Chris Bornman

                          Chris is a Client Executive at Sempre. His focus is to strengthen existing relationships with clients, build new long standing ones and to execute on his commitments to our customers and vendors.

                          With more than 24 years of IT experience in multiple roles from technical, management and sales; Chris truly understands transformation and intrinsically grasps what IT environments need to do to adapt in today’s fast changing industry.